About Us

OfferBeam, Corp was launched this year with our headquarters in New England. We are aggressively growing. If we are not yet in your neighborhood we will be soon.

OfferBeam was started by a few tech-savvy guys with a combined 50 years of retail, technology and business intelligence experience. These three major ingredients have been mixed to create a complex yet simple vision. Our vision is to bring the digital age of advanced mobile shopping to the next level. We believe that offers and discounts should find you instead of you wasting time searching for deals and clipping coupons. There are a ton of Apps on the market that promise to save you time and money. However, most leave you disappointed. At OfferBeam we want to simplify the shopping experience, yet excite customers as we personalized shopping offers and promotions. Customers will be happy to shop with their mobile shopping partner in their pocket and they will smile when they hear the Beam ring just when they wanted it to.

Not only does OfferBeam aim to please our customers we aim to please small and large businesses alike. With our innovative promotional engines, OfferBeam is providing businesses with an arsenal of very powerful all-inclusive advertising tools. These tools allow fast, easy and cost effective techniques to customize promotional programs and within seconds launch them to an immeasurable audience using the new age of digital media. In addition, our sophisticated business intelligence provides real time reporting to give retailers the knowledge to analyze their promotions and effectively reach their customers. Ultimately increasing their bottom line and giving themselves market edge over their competitors.

  This solution is a win-win for all.
OfferBeam is excited for you to Get Spoiled !!!