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  • Digital marketing and advertising - Mobile and Web
  • Social connections to Facebook and Twitter for increased visibility
  • Leads the industry with location specific marketing with our patent-pending BEAM technology
  • Campaign management tool with real time reporting & business intelligence
  • On-demand designer to support all your promotional images and set up.
  • Marketing consultants to assist with setup to ensure engaging programs for high ROI

Awesome app!! No more searching for stores.. This app beams you the sales before walking in....
LOVE IT!!!by Absb2321

Really like the beaming, very cool. I hope they rollout everywhere quick. Very useful app, relevant with
good savings. by Rob98887654

This is exactly the deal app I've been searching for! You just leave the app running in the background and if you park at a store that has an offer it beams you the deal. This is awesome! by Don't worry, be appy!

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